Building Works Notice

Updated January 2018

As a small family hotel, we have reached the stage where we need to grow & improve our offering. We are therefore very excited to announce that we are constructing a brand-new extension to our existing hotel. We are not only adding more rooms but more importantly, adding great guest facilities.

There will be 19 new units which consist of 10 villas & 9 suites. Also, a large reception building and offices, a full-service restaurant, a small gym & spa, and 2 more swimming pools. We will be opening in November 2018.

So far, we are doing all we can to minimise the impact of this construction on our guests. Construction is well underway already with all of the buildings erected. The property was closed for several weeks to facilitate major noisy work.

We have purposely used a pre-cast method of construction which means that all walls and floors are brought in ready built and assembled on site. This method is significantly less noisy and intrusive than typical construction as well as being much faster.  

The erection of the building adjacent to our car park, has been completed. The other buildings are to the back of the next-door property, well away from the facilities of Beach View & have already been constructed.

There are no view obstructions from the rooms or the pool. There is also no noise disruption at the pool area as it is not near the construction – the pool is in front of our existing buildings.

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